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Center for Global Health, Bristol,TN,USA
Director of Center for Global Health Dan.E. Fountain, MD

Center for Global Health
To offer an interdisciplinary graduate training program in health care and health development form a Christian perspective that results in the practice and promotion of an integrated vision of health in a global context.

Peeke School of Mission/King College

Peeke School Faculty:

Distance-Learning Course

Crossnetwork Journal

Literatur zum Thema Gesundheit, Kultur und Community (Englisch)


Job Search Resources
Service Opportunities in Health Care


Health Care, Medical Mission Societies:

Christian Medical Fellowship:

Health Care in Christ:

International Christian Medical and Dental Association:

Medical Evangelism and Training Strategies:

Medical Missions International:

Nurses Christian Fellowship International:

Parish Nursing:

Whole Person Health:

World Medical Mission:

US-based medical mission resource site:

Includes lots of information on medical ethics: Guild of Catholic Doctors -

Online Bible Study tools is a free online database of the Bible in several languages and also a Bible for study tools.

The Merroo statement: ICMDA's HIV/AIDS Initiative -

Have published a book "Time to Talk" - a guide to family life in the age of Aids: Strategies for Hope

Project Medsend, offers student loan repayment grants to healthcare professionals who are headed for career medical missions service under the authority of a recognized missions sending agency:
Mission Prayer League (WMPL)
is an independent Lutheran mission society and prayer fellowship, sending missionaries to sixteen countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The purpose of the WMPL is to evangelize and plant churches where Christ is unknown or little known

Australian Relief & Mercy Services Ltd (ARMS) is the Mercy Ministries arm of Youth With A Mission Australia


Health and Poverty

MAP: Medical Assistance Programs:

Food for the Hungry: Micah Network:

Samaritan’s Purse:

Tear Fund:

World Vision:

Christian Connections for International Health

Compendium of Christian Projects
Addressing the Diseases of Poverty

How International Organizations Can Help Your Church Do Health Programs


CCIH Mentorship Program
The CCIH Mentorship Program connects students and recent graduates (mentees) with experienced professionals in CCIH’s network (mentors). It encourages students and recent graduates to view international health from a Christian perspective, to consider and pursue careers in international health, and to help promote international health in a broader context, through linking them to mentors who have wisdom and experience to offer.

CCIH Page for Students and Recent Graduates


Global Health Education Consortium (GHEC),
since 1991 a consortium of health professionals, educators, students and institutions committed to improving the ability of the global workforce to meet the needs of underserved populations.

Global Health Modules These learning modules are on a wide variety of topics which students can review either on their own or in instructor-led courses. As of February 2009 over 50 modules are available and by mid-2009 GHEC expects to post another 70.


Center for Medical Missions

Health Education Programfor
Developing Countries

Engineering World Health -

Volunteers in Medical Missions

ECHO: networking global hunger solutions

Gesundheitsfürsorge, Fragen der Ethik
Bible Study Materials for sale: